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(Daily Fantasy Sports sector is an alternative to DraftKings or FanDuel)

DraftOps1- Daily Fantasy Sports* Draft Ops is unlike any fantasy sport draft offer out there today, with millions in Pay Per View buys and millions of weekly viewers.
* Currently offer MLB and the exciting sport of Mixed Martial Art. Draft Ops is the first 100% legal fantasy draft for MMA.
* Draft Ops has $10,000 weekly tournaments and many other tournaments to fit the budget of any sports enthusiast.

***** NFL games coming soon! *****

Simple To Play:

Note: Not Available to Residents of AZ, IA, LA, MO, WA, and Quebec which are prohibited from depositing funds or playing in any cash games.

Enjoy These Benifits

  • Play free and real money games
  • 60% instant deposit bonus
  • Daily missions/contest for MLB, Bellator™ & UFC™
  • No season long commitment
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals via PayPal™
  • 100% legal for US residents*

It’s 100% free to sign up!

Summary of Scoring and Rules
For complete details scroll to the bottom of Draft OPs landing page and click on Scoring & Rules.
These rules along with our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use are important because they ensure that everyone is treated fairly and that we’re all in compliance with laws and regulations.

Who Can Play?
You must be 18 years or older (19 or older in Alabama and Nebraska), reside in United States, the District of Columbia, or Canada and agree to our Terms of Use.

Lineup Restrictions
Other than the tricky trade restrictions listed above, we’ve got only 3 rules to follow to keep things fair: (1) all lineups must be equal to or below the salary cap; (2) you must select players from at least 3 different teams; and (3) you can only select a maximum of 5 players from the same team. Draft Ops reserves the right to alter these rules at a future date so be sure to review the specific rules for each mission you enter.

Multiple Accounts
Players are only allowed to have one Draft Ops account.

Suspended Accounts
Should Draft Ops find it necessary to suspend your account, we will notify you as soon as possible and let you know what steps are necessary to reactivate.

Usernames are established by you our players.

Draft Ops new Pick 3 daily Fantasy Baseball SportsDraftOps has introduced an innovative “Pick 3” contest platform in which you select just three players in a sport for a given day, with no salary cap.  Interesting concept.Sign Up Here and Start Playing…

Unfilled missions
If a mission (Contest) is not guaranteed to run and the minimum number of entered players is not met, the mission will not run.

Canceling Entries
If you are eligible to cancel your entry, a cancel button will be located next to your mission.

Postponed Games
If a game within any mission is postponed and made up (completed) during the same day in which it was originally scheduled, points will accumulate as normal. If however a game is postponed until the following day or later, players will not accumulate points.

Suspended Games
If a game within any mission is suspended and completed the same day in which it was originally scheduled, points will accumulate as normal. However, if the game is completed later than 6am the day after the originally scheduled start date the game is not considered official and points will not accumulate for any players participating in the game.

Battle of the fantasy picks - draft Ops

Traded Players
If a player already in your lineup is traded to another team included in the same mission, he will earn points as he normally would (assuming of course that he plays).

Please note: Because our line-ups are refreshed each night, there could be instances where a traded player still appears in the lineup for his old team. It’s each user’s responsibility to make sure that their lineups reflect the most up-to-date player information.

Each user is responsible for making sure his/her lineup is set according to the rules established for each mission regarding start times. missions can have a Locked or Unlocked lineup rule applied to it.
Be sure to check the terms of each mission you enter to understand when your lineup needs to be set.

To process a withdrawal, simply click on the “Withdraw” button from your Account page.

We process settlements and initiate payment as soon as a mission is official and the final box scores are posted. In rare instances there can be a delay in receiving the box scores from our 3rd party provider Fight Metric which will delay payment.

In the event of a tie in a mission with a cash prize, we will combine the prizes for the tied positions and distribute the prize evenly between all the winners (for example, if 3 people tied for 1st, we would combine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes and split the total evenly between the 3 winners).

Scoring Revisions
During the course of a game, the scoring may be revised or changed and Fight Metric, our 3rd party stats provider, will normally update the affected statistic/score real-time or when the final box scores are posted. Since we initiate settlement and payment once the final box score is posted, any changes to the statistics after the final box score is posted and the mission ends will not be considered and payments will not be reversed.

Draft Ops reserves the right to cancel a mission for any reason.

 Read The Complete Scoring and Rules Here! – Then Sign Up And Play

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